We’re proud to announce the first episode of the hacking.law podcast series. The full episode will be released soon!

In our very first episode we talk about access to justice in the digital sphere. Stuart, Dima, Florian discuss dispute resolution platforms and interactive chatbots as two possible ways to make justice more accessible through digital tools.

Stuart’s envisions an online platform for dispute resolution. Addressing disputes large and small. Making dispute resolution services available to ordinary people who couldn’t otherwise access them. Making the process much more efficient and user friendly for current users of dispute resolution in its existing forms. Technological advances, cultural shifts, and more than a decade of expanding social media and digitization make this vision possible. Blockchain, distributed networks, enhanced understandings of game theory, reputation systems, and broad world-wide participation in online platforms, are why we can now effectively add dispute resolution to the mix. And it’s needed!

Dima and his team decided to work on a  Telegram chat bot that helps consumers to protect and enforce their rights. Without prior programming knowledge, Dima’s team has prepared functioning prototype of the bot, with a clear vision behind it.

Find out more in our upcoming episode!

Posted by Florian Glatz

Florian is a co-founder of hacking.law, the Legal Tech Center and the Berlin Legal Tech Conference & Hackathon. He works as a lawyer, software developer and entrepreneur in the blockchain space since 2013. As a lawyer, he helps startups and corporations navigate the uncharted waters of applied blockchain technology in a world of legacy legal systems. As a software developer, Florian focuses on software-driven innovation in law and finance. As a researcher and entrepreneur he explores the interaction of code and law in a digital society.

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