After hours of cutting and editing we’re proud to release our first podcast episode titled “Accessing Justice Online”.

Our podcast channel is called hacking.society, since it goes beyond hacking just law but society as a whole.

In our current podcast series “Coding the future” we interview and discuss with a range of experts, entrepreneurs, developers and researchers their ideas about the future of law and society as a whole.

Posted by Florian Glatz

Florian is a co-founder of, the Legal Tech Center and the Berlin Legal Tech Conference & Hackathon. He works as a lawyer, software developer and entrepreneur in the blockchain space since 2013. As a lawyer, he helps startups and corporations navigate the uncharted waters of applied blockchain technology in a world of legacy legal systems. As a software developer, Florian focuses on software-driven innovation in law and finance. As a researcher and entrepreneur he explores the interaction of code and law in a digital society.

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